Crossover: Reversible Brio-Garter Beanie

Knitting exercises my brain cells every day. Creating new designs and thinking out of the box construction pattern have been part of my daily routine since the day I started knitting almost one and a half years ago. I can still remember so vividly that right after I finished the first beanie, I started reading about brioche. Watching videos online and bugging a friend of mine explores brioche helped me a lot.


Yes, I was that ambitious! Really. Ambitious. For a beginner!

Having through that stage I would like to help beginners overcome that most dreaded brioche: the fear of jumping into something unimaginable. Believe me, it’s so easy like counting one to three! I designed handful of brioche beanies but as a starter, here is the hat for you. No decrease and increase done in the brioche part. You can do this in one sitting! Pattern is detailed. Instructions are included where to place your yarn after each round. No need to cut each yarn.

This is a reversible beanie. Just like the Endpoint hat, I won’t reveal the other side. I assure you, the reverse side is not the same as the main side. You’ll be surprised.

NB: The decrease rounds were designed to counter act the brioche. Look, it’s animated, too!

Animated Crown

Download pattern at ravelry. 

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