Brioche Hat (Quick and Easy)

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_17e70.jpgThis is a quick and easy knit using bulky yarn and brioche technique which I can say that this is a very much likely can be renamed as the new gift-knit project for your loved ones during holidays. Bulky yarn needs just a couple of handful of stitches to be cast on and a few rounds to make to complete this simple yet classic brioche beanie.

One technique that has been adapted in this beanie is a quick crown shaping. However, for some hats with this kind of decrease showed creases on top of the hat. To hide these creases, pompom is added. This hat has been designed to stand alone, without any pompom. But knitters may add pompom using the extra yarn. This hat uses less than one skein of bulky hat (just approximately 94 meters).

You can download the pattern absolutely free hereA6619E2F-9EB5-477D-981B-BC7D2BD93DB2.jpg

As promised, here are the detailed techniques and tweaks I used to finish this hat easy and breezy. No sweat. Promise!
1. Cast on. I used 100 cm long circular needle to cast on my stitches. But you other circular needle longer than 20 cm. I folded it into two whereby I hold the two needle tips together. The resulting size now is 12mm (combining two 6mm needle together). DPNs can be used also by holding to DPNs together.
2. Join in the round. The very reason that cast on needle should be double is because the resulting circumference by the initial cast on stitches is too small to knit in the round. Also, to ease the tension on the brim. Align work as shown in the picture and knit continue knitting the pattern.IMG_1639.JPG
3. Hat. You can finish the hat section in an hour! You’ll love one-color brioche because it is very easy to knit. Pattern is written in such a way that I am learning brioche for the first time. I mastered brioche by reading and re-reading brioche books and I would like to share it how I learned.
4. Crown Shaping. Staying true with the name of this hat, the crown shaping is very quick and easy. Decrease has been evenly spread out in four rounds to loosen up the tension. Thus, creating a rounded crown. Brk2tog means you bark a brp from the previous line and a brk (a knit stitch with a yarn over). Simply bark three loops hanging next to each other. In the end of this round, you’ll see sets of two adjacent knit stitches. These two stitches will share one yarn over in the brp round (notation would be sl2yo), and, yes, these two will a brk2tog in the next brk round. Crown shaping is about one inch.






Adding few more rows will result into a watch cap.
There you go, quick and easy bulky brioche hat. Happy knitting!



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